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03.05.2021 – 28.08.2022

Group Exhibition

The idea underlying the Ceramics Facing the New exhibition is kintsugi, the Japanese tradition of mending broken pottery with gold or another metal. Instead of concealing the damage, kintsugi seeks to establish a new relationship with it. In this exhibition, kintsugi serves as a metaphor for society. A fracture can be a signal of something new. How can fragments be re-joined to create a renewed yet enduring structure?

Created by twelve artists and two artist groups, the works featured in the exhibition use ceramic art to explore the juncture of past and future, one that is characterised by environmental concern and the disintegration of social structures. Ceramic as a material occupies a special place in the history of humanity. It also provides what we need at this moment in time: connection, presence, craft.

The exhibition is produced in collaboration with Ornamo Art and Design Finland. The featured artists were selected in an open portfolio call to the members of Ornamo.

The extensive mobile guide to the exhibition features background information and interview videos.

The artists taking part in the exhibition are Priska Falin & Helen FelceyVeera KuljuNathalie LautenbacherPiia LiesteMatias KarsikasTiia MatikainenMeri OivoMatteo PennacchioMaria PunkkinenOuti SavolainenCaroline SlotteKatie SpraggIrma Weckman and the group Working with Soil (Özgü GündeşlioğluCatharina KajanderRiikka Latva-Somppi and Maarit Mäkelä).


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Helsinki Design Weekly visited EMMA Museum’s new exhibition that settles in the juncture of contemporary art and design, exploring the themes of decay and reconstruction through ceramic art. The Ceramics Facing the New exhibition also addresses the special relationship between clay and humanity, interpreting today’s world characterised by environmental concern and the disintegration of social structures. Adorable Anni Korkman spoke with me about everything and you can find the full article here below!

Ceramics Facing the New exhibition at @emmamuseum from 3 May 2021 to 28 August 2022.

The article and this post were done in collaboration with EMMA Museum

Noir / Gallery Halmetoja

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Noir / Veera Kulju

Veera Kulju creates ceramic sculptures and reliefs by hand. Her idiom effortlessly refers to both natural forms and genres that have utilized nature motifs. Her relationship to these genres is self-aware, even mischievous. Compared to, for example, the decorations of jugendstil, Kulju has a more liberal approach. As she creates the shapes by hand, they don’t need to be regular or reproducible.

As per its title, the Noir exhibition focuses on the colour black. The artworks on display are either made from black clay or have been glazed black. Their mood is nocturnal and mysterious. Their world is that of secret parties, night clubs and hotel suites. On the other hand, they could also come into a nightly bloom in the middle of a dark rainforest.

Veera Kulju is a visual artist who also works with design. Here, her selection of materials also includes textiles. As a contemporary artist, she is specifically  a sculptor utilizing ceramics. She is known for her white popcorn artworks, but in recent years, popcorns have made way for more mysterious and dark milieus. Her previous solo exhibition in Veikko Halmetoja’s ARTag Gallery in 2018 was almost all white; this one is all black.

Kulju’s art has also been on display in New York at the Hostler Burrows gallery and in 2019, her sculpture was acquired by the Swedish Nationalmuseum after her solo exhibition in Stockholm.

Also a virtual exhibition check more here: Noir / Venezia

Review in Helsingin Sanomat: https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000007693333.html

Photos by Jaakko Kahilaniemi. In some pictures Timo Vuorikoski’s beautiful paintings from his exhibition “VENEZIA”


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A new set of mirror work now to be found via Gallery Hostler Burrows (New York / Los Angeles). Here you find them at the gallery’s page on ARTSY

They are all hand built clay fired in 1240c temperature, the material and glazing varies. they all have a hanging system behind that is designed so that you don’t need to touch the delicate art piece. Packed in specially designed plywood boxes with love and care. Everything is designed and hand made in Finland. These pieces can travel around the world safely and with right handling last for generations, just like our fragile nature.






Courtesy of Hostler Burrows, New York / photo Chikako Harada


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Proud to be curated among these master artisans. The Homo Faber Guide is now live, go and explore HERE!

”The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship is an international non-profit organisation that celebrates and preserves master craftsmanship and strengthens its connection to the world of design. We want to help people rediscover the ability of the human hand to create, and support those doing it best: the exceptional contemporary European master artisans using long-held traditions, skills and knowledge to make beautiful objects of lasting value.”

Photos by Ilkka Kärkkäinen

MALJA & ASETTI for Lokal Kollektion

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Get yours here: MALJA / ASETTI

MALJA Cup / Veera Kulju

This simple and subtle porcelain cup, designed by Veera Kulju, is well suited to use for both cold and warm drinks. The shape and material makes alternative uses possible. The cup is high-fired and glazed, so as to make the washing of it effortless. Malja is designed by Veera Kulju exclusively for Lokal Kollektion. You can choose the cup with one alphabetical letter of your choice, or alternatively a plain version.

ASETTI Plate / Veera Kulju

This simple, versatile and elegant plate, designed by Veera Kulju, is ideal to use together with the matching MALJA cup. The plate is high-fired and glazed, so as to make the washing of it effortless. Malja is designed by Veera Kulju exclusively for Lokal Kollektion.

Designer: Veera Kulju
Manufacturer: JP Studiokeramiikka
Material: porcelain and glaze
Sizing approx: Ø 8,5 cm x h 10,5 cm / height of letter: 1 cm
Additional: The cup will get hot when filled with boiling water. Dishwasher safe.
Handmade in Lapinlahti, Finland

Photos: Katja Hagelstam / BW photos: Ilkka Kärkkäinen


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You can find the article behind this link: ADORNO EDITORIAL / VEERA KULJU

“Playing both within and against the history of craft, Kulju engages her audience with visually experiential pieces, continually pushing the boundaries of possibility in her chosen field. Here, she gives us insight into her connection to Finnish design, her personal approach to craft, and how experimentation is lead by her own curiosity.”

Picture by a dear friend and a photographer Ananya Tanttu

In the picture just love and my favourite things.


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Im  proud to be one of Gallery Halmetoja’s artists:

Gallery Halmetoja is a curated art gallery specializing mainly in Finnish Contemporary Art. The gallery operates in collaboration with artists of various disciplines. The gallery’s exhibitions present artworks of diverse media, such as paintings, sculptures, photography and media art. 

Gallery Halmetoja holds exhibitions commenting on the future direction of contemporary art. The gallery appreciates visual artists who want to portray the world candidly and genuinely.

Gallery Halmetoja observes the principles of equality and responsible consumerism in all of its operations.

photo: Viheltäjä / Whistler, 2019, hand built clay and glaze, size 48 x  40 cm

photo: Chikako Harada

Mirror series at Hostler Burrows

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My mirror series is now represented by HOSTLER BURROWS gallery

HOSTLER BURROWS is a New York Design Gallery founded in 1998 by Juliet Burrows and Kim Hostler.

Initially dedicated solely to Nordic design and decorative arts, the gallery has expanded its program and now integrates a full roster of contemporary artists, both established and emerging, with historical works. While international in scope, the gallery’s primary focus remains in Scandinavia and rooted in the tradition of studio ceramics, particularly work by female artists. 

The gallery is devoted to exhibiting work imbued with the qualities from which it has drawn inspiration since its beginnings – craftsmanship, intention, and integrity. Hostler Burrows’ unique vision and deep understanding of the sublime design which emerged from Scandinavia in the 20th Century carry over and inform the contemporary work which is brought to market with passion and a critical eye. 

Hostler Burrows’ carefully curated spaces, both in the gallery and at the world’s leading fairs, have placed them at the forefront of the design market and introduced an international clientele to a new generation of important artists whose works, while often cutting edge, maintain a strong continuity with the past.

Inquire here


HB 20-2-033-Edit

Hostler Burrows is now also open in Los Angeles. The inauqural group exhibition dives deep intoFOREST PRIMEVAL until March 21, 2020

“Since humankind’s earliest creative endeavors, the natural world — its expansive beauty and mystery — has been a constant source of inspiration for artistic expression. From the time of the 40,000-year-old Sulewesi cave drawings, humans have traced, recorded, and paid homage to their complex relationships with nature and the deeply personal and spiritual connections it fosters — the way it holds us in a much larger existential context. Many millennia on, we continue to draw from this seemingly infinite source even as we witness the ravages of global warming. This exhibition explores our dependence on nature, less for the tangible resources which have thus far sustained our physical beings, and more for the way it feeds our creative, philosophical and intellectual spirits.”

The exhibition includes works by: Jasmin Anoschkin, Richard Filipowski, Frida Fjellman, Gal Gaon, Donna Green, Babs Haenen, Grefmar Hederström, Sakari Kannosto, Veera Kulju, Torbjørn Kvasbø, Pekka Paikkari, Paul and Paul, Heini Riitahuhta, Kristina Riska, John Shea, Anat Shiftan, Kim Simonsson, Ohad Tsfati, and Eva Zethraeus.


photo Shade Degges