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TypoCraftHelsinki combines Finnish typography, design, art, and craftsmanship. TypoCraftHelsinki was born out of love for fonts and the desire to share the joy and pleasure of typography with a wider audience. TypoCraftHelsinki engages designers, craftsmen and artists in a collaborative process where borders between professions are crossed and new design, products and artworks emerge.


TypoCraftHelsinki17, 7.9-29.10.2017 @Lokal Gallery

The theme of the exhibition was Expedition
An exploration, journey, or voyage undertaken by a group of people especially for discovery and scientific artistic research. 
On this project I got to collaborate with the best Ilkka Kärkkäinen. Ilkka is a founding partner and creative at Dynamo & Son. He’s been documenting the typographical signs and sights for his Helsinkitypo account on Instagram. He is also a founding member and curator of TypoCraftHelsinki. You can follow him also here: klick!

Our Voyage is a series of three imaginary TypoCraftical citystories. From Viljo Revell’s graduation dinner party from Lasipalatsi, past a 50’s toilet in Hakaniemi to Kyllikki’s longing at Kalevalankatu. All these places actually do situate in Helsinki. Viljo Revell was one of the architects who designed Lasipalatsi in 1936, Oxygenol sign is a well known landmark over Hakaniemi rooftops made in 1950 and there is a building called “Kyllikki” at Kalevankatu built in 1904.


Eau De Toilette, Oxygenol 1950 / Photograph, porcelain, readymade


Rendez vous, Kyllikki 1904 / Photograph, porcelain, readymade

Àla Carte, Lasipalatsi 1936 / Photograph, porcelain, readymade. Located at Amos Rex offices.

photos of the exhibition by Katja Hagelstam

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