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QueenOfTheDessert_2018_VeeraKulju_photoChikakoHaradaQueen of the Dessert, 2018 / Vitro porcelain, popcorn and glaze 

I got an invitation from LOKAL to showcase my ceramic work in their curated exhibition at CHART DESIGN this year. During 31st August to 2nd September 2018 in Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art. Im extremely excited and eager to travel to Copenhagen experience this event: CHART


PathToNarnia_2017_VeeraKulju_photoChikakoHaradaPath to Narnia, 2017 /  Hand built porcelain (21 x 27cm)



Kynnet, 2017 / casted vitro porcelain, hand built porcelain, scratching and glaze.


Photographs by Chikako Harada

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