The Lives of Others

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A beautiful book project done together from the initiative of our friends Joosung Kang and Bora Hong. This book brings together artists, designers, photographers, graphic designers and writers from Finland, Korea and Japan, fabulous!

In this publication you get to see Ihala Gardens through the lens of photographer and friend Ananya Tanttu. Ihala Gardens is a  place of serenity and love. Great inspiration for my work and Im ever thankful to Ilkka Kärkkäinen for taking me with to his secret garden.

Gallery Factory / Factory2
instagram / thelives.ofothers

Ilkka Kärkkäinen 

Photography by Ananya Tanttu

ihala2018_ananyatanttu 19ihala2018_ananyatanttu 20

ihala2018_ananyatanttu 35ihala2018_ananyatanttu 4ihala2018_ananyatanttu 24ihala2018_ananyatanttu 28

The Author

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