Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux: RE/defining Finnish Contemporary Art & Design

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Underwood BE-series, 2019 / Hand-built black clay and glaze

“One of our main projects this year, Re/defining Finnish Art & Design co-curated by Lise Coirier and Kati Laakso bringing Finnish designers into the central European art scene, will start with next week’s Collectible fair 14.-17.3.! Leading up to the event, we will introduce one artist every day whose work is presented at the fair by Spazio Nobile gallery!

The Finnish artist Veera Kulju (born 1975) graduated from the Aalto University works with textiles, ceramics and video. She has showcased her work both in Finland and internationally. She aims to assemble installations characterized by abundant fragility and an atmosphere of permanence and timelessness. Although Kulju’s works encompass conceptual layers created through the materials, the aim is for viewing them to be physically experiential.

Through the materiality and artistic idiom of her works, Kulju succeeds in conveying how they feel. Just by looking at the artworks, the viewer feels the differences between matte and glossy, rough and smooth, warm and cold in his fingertips.

photo: Chikako Harada

The RE/defining Finnish Contemporary Art & Design project is part of the Cultural Programme for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU.”

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