I might be a hybrid of a curious, random minded artist and a rational, business orientated designer. I get kicks on working together in good harmony yet fast, efficient way. I love concepts and to laugh, mainly to other peoples jokes. I grew up with horses and find forest to be my mind scape, even I was raised in the heart of Helsinki. I believe in kindness and that communication is the key to everything.



ATELJE: Lemuntie 4 D, 00510 Helsinki

Mirror series represented by  HOSTLER BURROWS, New York

Representation in Finland by Gallery Halmetoja, Helsinki

My work is supported by / työtäni tukee:

Upcoming Exhibitions:

’AfterGlow ’– New Nordic Porcelain group shows:

                       12.2.2022 – 27.3.2022, Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn          

                       26.3.2022 – 21.8.2022, Clay Keramikmuseum, Middelfart      

                       8.4.2022 – 15.5.2022, Gustavsberg Porcelænsmuseum        

Spring 2022 solo exhibition Gallery Halmetoja


On going exhibition:

7.10. – 7.11.2021 SIELUNMAISEMA, Glasshouse Helsinki

01.05.2021 – 27.02.2022 Särkyvää – Keramiikka uuden äärellä, EMMA – Espoon modernin taiteen museo

8.-20.10.2021 Kantava Maa – Solid Ground, Ceramics exhibition, Väre | Aalto Yliopisto


Previous exhibition:

15.7.2021 – 5.9.2021 “Coming home to Seoul”, FACTORY2 (Seoul, South Korea)

7.5.2021 – 10.10.2021 On the Edge – Äärellä, Rovaniemi Art Museum

13.6. – 15.8.2021 Luontoretki kesänäyttely – Nature trip Summer exhibition, Nastola

11.12.2020–3.1.2021: Noir exhibition at Gallery Halmetoja

2020: group exhibition Ceramega 2020 – Valtakunnallinen keramiikkataiteen suurnäyttely

February 10 – March 21, 2020, FOREST PRIMEVAL, HOSTLER BURROWS, Los Angeles

Mexico & the Nordics: A Meditation on Individuality in Craft, Tradition, & Modernism

24.10. – 16.11.2019 / Taidekeskus Itä, Lappeenranta

New Artists group exhibition / Hostler Burrows, New York

TÄKY Galleria Muotoilusyksy, Lappeenranta

9/2019–12/2019 / Spazio Nobile Gallery & Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux / RE/defining Finnish Contemporary Art & Design

CHART Design, Kopenhagen / Lokal Gallery

Crossovers, London Design Fair / Adorno Gallery 

Keep Your Garden Alive / Fincult Benelux & Spazio Nobile

Coming Home II

Collectible / Fincult Benelux & Spazio Nobile

Collectible / LOKAL

Sounds of Silence

Coming Home

CHART Design



visit also

ADRNO, Copenhagen

LOKAL, Helsinki

Veera Kulju logo by amazing Ilkka Kärkkäinen


Peanuts Illustration by talented Cajsa Holgersson

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