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Voyage -series @TypoCraftHelsinki17

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TypoCraftHelsinki combines Finnish typography, design, art, and craftsmanship. TypoCraftHelsinki was born out of love for fonts and the desire to share the joy and pleasure of typography with a wider audience. TypoCraftHelsinki engages designers, craftsmen and artists in a collaborative process where borders between professions are crossed and new design, products and artworks emerge. TypoCraftHelsinki17, 7.9-29.10.2017 @Lokal Gallery The theme of the exhibition was Expedition An exploration, journey, or voyage undertaken by a group of people especially for discovery and scientific artistic […]

POPCORN the Arabia Art Department edition 2017

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I’m always trying to find new ways to use materials as a means for expressing emotions. In my work, popcorn is transformed from a popular snack food into a refined ornament. You enjoy it across the entire gamut of culture – from comedy to horror. …also featured in Helsinki Design Weekly …buy here: ARTSY Popcorn (2017), Unique vessels: Arabia casting clay, black pigment, gold, glazing and popcorn pictures: Katja Hagelstam

Sounds of Silence

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A unique textile that incorporates ceramic elements. The work, which was woven on a handloom in the Arabia Art Departmen Society’s visiting artist studio at the Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, investigates different ways to combine ceramics and woven fabric, in this case the sound and brittleness of ceramic materials. concept and art piece: Veera Kulju video and edit: Ananya Tanttu performance and choreography: Satu Halttunen clothing pattern: Anu Salonen graphic design: Ilkka Kärkkäinen “Sounds […]

I am Forest

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Somewhere in the middle of the planned working process a forest started to appear. There it was, a new path. I shouldn’t feel surprised, after all I said Im going to the wintery forest to hang with Aslan. Feeling like this might be the looking glass into that kingdom. Hand built porcelain, 2017 / photos: Ilkka Kärkkäinen   Hand built black clay, 2017 / photo: Katja Hagelstam

Arabia Art Department Society – Visiting Artist 2017

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VIERAILEVA TAITEILIJA KUTOO KERAMIIKKAA TEKSTIILIIN Veera Kulju (TaM) uudistuneen Arabian Taideosastoyhdistyksen yhdeksänneksi vierailevaksi taiteilijaksi. Tänä keväänä Iittala & Arabia Muotoilukeskuksen uudistuneista Arabian Taideosastoyhdistyksen tiloista voi löytää kangaspuut. Yhdistyksen vierailevaksi taiteilijaksi on kutsuttu tekstiiliä keramiikkaan yhdistävä Veera Kulju. Hän on yhdeksäs suomalainen taiteilija, joka osallistuu vuonna 2004 perustettuun Vieraileva taiteilija -ohjelmaan.  Vuoden 2017 Arabian Taideosastoyhdistyksen vieraileva taiteilija Veera Kulju ihastui keramiikkaan jo nuorena. Hän muovasi lukuisina iltoina koulun jälkeen savesta makkaratekniikalla esineitä Kampin nuorisotalolla. Sittemmin keramiikasta […]

Key to the Secret Garden?

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I’we always been keen on juxtaposition and using material to emphasize it. I also love books and tales. The first key that I made (2006) was a safety lock key to my Helsinki home. This simple ceramic key has been shown in some amazing places from Fashion week in Milan and Paris, as a part of Laitinen collection (2008) to a collaboration with Rebecca Clamp as a part of her beautiful album “Key to the City” (2011). […]


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The Onoma annual summer exhibition of 2016 and I got the priveledge to be a part of the exhibition group as a specialist member alongside curator Katja Hagelstam, exhibition architect Hannele Grönlund, designer Kirti Doukas and producer Veera Pekkinen. Visual identity Ilkka Kärkkäinen/Dynamo&son Trailer here! Trailer concept idea & visual image Veera Kulju & Ilkka Kärkkäinen Graphic design: Ilkka Kärkkäinen / dynamo&son Styling: Susanna Vento Animation: Ville Tanttu Sound: Olli Kari Production: Veera Pekkinen more […]