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SÄRKYVÄÄ / CERAMICS FACING THE NEW 03.05.2021 – 28.08.2022 Group Exhibition The idea underlying the Ceramics Facing the New exhibition is kintsugi, the Japanese tradition of mending broken pottery with gold or another metal. Instead of concealing the damage, kintsugi seeks to establish a new relationship with it. In this exhibition, kintsugi serves as a metaphor for society. A fracture can be a signal of something new. How can fragments be re-joined to create a renewed yet enduring […]


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Helsinki Design Weekly visited EMMA Museum’s new exhibition that settles in the juncture of contemporary art and design, exploring the themes of decay and reconstruction through ceramic art. The Ceramics Facing the New exhibition also addresses the special relationship between clay and humanity, interpreting today’s world characterised by environmental concern and the disintegration of social structures. Adorable Anni Korkman spoke with me about everything and you can find the full article here below! Ceramics Facing […]